Pay Attention to Your Heart

Pay Attention to Your Heart

The title here is a subtitle in Waking the Dead, Chapter 6.   Guided and A Case for  Discipleship were also a part of this chapter.

I love that Eldredge makes the point that we need to pay attention to our hearts.   We do!  So badly.  Many men have all but forsaken their hearts. It doesn’t pay the bills, so we focus on the cognitive and the physical world.  Emotions and desires are too mushy for…

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Tagging the New Used Car

Tagging the New Used Car

Next day, I took my identifying papers in a folder and headed to the courthouse from my desk. As I walked down the sidewalk to the courthouse, I sensed my emotions changing. I sensed “challenge” and the need for courage. Dealing with any “system,” governmental or otherwise has always been a battle for me.

As I walked, I “what ifed” and asked myself how I would respond with any given scenario. I…

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