God Loves You As You Are

God Loves You As You Are

The Lord does not cherish us as we deserve—if that were the case, we would be desolate—but as he must, unable to do otherwise. He is love. Hard as it is for us to believe—because we neither give nor receive love among ourselves in this way—we yet believe, because of the life-death-resurrection of the Carpenter-Messiah, that his Father is more loving, more forgiving, more cherishing than Abraham,…

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On the Shore of the Red Sea

On the Shore of the Red Sea

I went back.

I visited the shore of the Red Sea with the Children of Israel in 2011 about this time of year.

Back then, 2011, I was there.  I actually experienced being on the other side of the Red Sea as the Children of Israel crossed.  Getting splashed with water as the sea closed and swallowed horse and rider.  I sang the Song of Moses with the Children of Israel as they praised our God for…

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Never Too Young

Jeremiah 1:1-19
The prophet Jeremiah is a striking example of the Biblical paradox that surrender means victory, that in losing our life we find it. (Jesus Christ identifies with Jeremiah more than any other prophet and quotes him most frequently.) In the year 625 BC, the Lord summoned Jeremiah to a prophetic career. Jeremiah’s immediate response was reluctance. “Alas, Sovereign LORD,” he said, “I…

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